Multiple Pregnancy

What Are The Symptoms of Multiple Pregnancy?

If there’s one thing that excites mothers more than being pregnant, it’s also to become pregnant with twin or more babies. Does your abdomen look bigger than other mothers? This can be the most basic symptom of multiple pregnancy. An ultrasound is the ideal way to verify the number of babies in your belly. But before the ultrasound, you can understand the twin pregnancy or multiple pregnancy by paying attention to the symptoms that will give you a hint.

Factors Increasing Multiple Pregnancy Chance

Before you know if you’re pregnant with more than one babies, whether you’re in the lucky group or not, can help you get an idea. What are the factors that increase the chance of multiple pregnancy?

  • Pregnancy after 30 years of age,
  • Body Mass Index over 30,
  • Family history of multiple pregnancy,
  • Multiple pregnancy before

All of these factors increase your chances of multiple pregnancy when you are pregnant.

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Twin Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms - What Are The Symptoms of Multiple Pregnancy?
Twin Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Multiple Pregnancy Symptoms

Higher levels of hCG result in more nausea in the first two weeks of pregnancy. In some cases, you may experience extreme morning sickness. Also, you can take a look our post about nausea : Ways to Reduce Nausea in Pregnancy.

When you’re pregnant with multiple babies, the shape of your abdomen is different than other expectant mothers.

The mood is more variable due to the higher density hormones produced by the body to meet the development of your baby.

In multiple pregnancy, you will gain weight faster than other expectant mothers.

In multiple pregnancy, fetal movements occur earlier.

Shortness of breath in multiple pregnancy is an early sign because of the push of the more than one babies to the diaphragm.

The cramp is an early sign of multiple pregnancy because the uterus grows more than normal.

In multiple pregnancy, the body holds more water than usual. Be sure to drink too much water to expel the edema from the body.

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