Tetanus Vaccination in Pregnancy

Tetanus vaccination in pregnancy is recommended after the 5th mont. (It can be done as of 16 weeks. However, the recommended time for the first dose is the 20th week of pregnancy.) With the vaccine, antibodies are formed in the mother’s body and they are passed on to the baby. This allows the baby to gain immunity against the microbe in the first few months after the birth.

In pregnancy, the tetanus vaccine is recommended as 2 doses with an interval of 1 month. The World Health Organization also recommends additional dose after 6 months from the second dose to provide 5 year protection.

Also in some applications, 3 doses of vaccine is recommended at 1 month intervals after the 28th week of pregnancy.

Tetanus Vaccination in Pregnancy
Routine tetanus toxoid (TT) vaccination schedule for pregnant women

What is the reason for tetanus vaccination in pregnancy?

The aim of tetanus vaccination in pregnancy is to protect both the mother and the baby against tetanus. After two doses of tetanus vaccine, the mother’s body produces around 80% protective antibody. A two dose tetanus vaccine is a reliable vaccine for mothers, providing approximately 1 to 3 years of protection.


How is tetanus disease transmitted?

Tetanus, in people who are not vaccinated, in cases such as infection, injury, undergoes direct contact with blood and rapidly increases.


In non-sterile environments and in socioeconomically underdeveloped countries, the tetanus problem is common. In such countries, it is mostly caused by improper cutting of the umbilical cord. Tetanus is already the most common cause of newborn deaths in underdeveloped countries. Also, with tetanus occurs in this way, newborn deaths increase.

Both mothers and newborns can be protected by the vaccination of the mother before and during pregnancy. The baby will be protected from the disease by the antibodies he receives from his mother.


Side Effects of Tetanus Vaccination in Pregnancy


As side effects of tetanus vaccination, pain and itching, fever, muscle-joint pain, nausea, weakness, swelling in the entire arm can be seen. However, there are no serious side effects that may affect the mother or the baby.

It is very important to inform your doctor of all allergies and medications you are using, such as latex allergy before the vaccination.


Does tetanus vaccine in pregnancy cause headache?

In one out of ten mothers who have been vaccinated during pregnancy, mild pain, redness, fever and swelling can be seen in the region where the vaccine is done. This mild reaction will be more frequent in the next doses.


Does tetanus vaccine in pregnancy cause high fever?

As a side effect of the tetanus vaccine, mild fever can be seen in one out of ten mothers. Apart from this, it does not cause serious problems.



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