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The Home Stretch Surviving the Last Trimester With Twins

In this article, we gave detailed information about the last trimester of twin pregnancy. Read the article for a more comfortable pregnancy and parenting.

The last trimester of a twin pregnancy isn’t easy. Many moms-to-be experience a double dose of heartburn, back pain, nausea and a variety of other discomforts. As the mom of 2-year-old twin boys, I know how time crawls when you’re not feeling your best, so to help expectant twin moms feel as good as possible during late pregnancy, we’ve rounded up the best advice from twin pregnancy experts, including Moms of Multiples Club (MOMS), as well as several other twin mothers who have proudly survived the trenches.

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Letting Go

Most women carrying twins deliver prior to their due date, but premature labor should be avoided so the babies can grow in the womb as long as possible. “There are several warning signs to watch for to make sure you’re not experiencing premature labor,” says Florence C., a nurse and clinic director for a health center, where 35 percent of the clinic’s patients leave with twins.

Below are her red flags for premature labor:

  • A feeling of general unease. Your body doesn’t feel quite right.
  • Lower back pain.  To learn more about back pain during prengnacy : Waist and Back Pain in Pregnancy
  • Excessive fatigue.
  • A tightening of the belly or a menstrual cramp feeling.

Florence advises women experiencing these symptoms to lie down on their left side and drink lots of water and apple juice. “This tends to have a calming effect, and turning on the left side gets more blood to the uterus, which can stop contractions,” she says.

Park City, Utah, twin mom Regina Wilkerson also survived bed rest. “I prayed every day, and this may sound corny, but it helped,” she says. “I also had a maid service clean once a week, and it made me feel less stressed. Also, I kept the cleaning service for the first year after delivering – and I tell friends expecting twins to do the same. There’s no time to clean after the babies are born.”

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Mood Lifters

Florence, with 3-year-old boy/girl twins of her own, used new clothing to lift her mood while pregnant. “I was so sick of my maternity clothes that I bought two fun outfits late in my pregnancy, and wearing them made me feel good. And I ended up buying a new dress 10 days before my C-section. It felt so good to put on something new – and I ended up wearing it after delivery, too.”

Florence coped with eight weeks of hospital bed rest while pregnant. It was difficult, but five days before she was induced, her mother sent someone to her room to provide a new haircut, a manicure and a pedicure. Most experts agree a manicure and a pedicure are OK once you’re past the first trimester, and they make expectant moms feel pampered and refreshed.

“If I could do it over again, I’d definitely go in for a haircut, foot massage, manicure and pedicure before I had my twins. It took me forever after they were born to even get a haircut,” says Lola B. of the MOMS.

Lola taught school until the day before delivery, and she credits this with keeping her pregnancy fears at bay. “I was so busy I didn’t have time to worry,” she says. She also swam regularly. “I couldn’t do much, but getting any kind of exercise was good for my mental health,” she says.

The members of the MOMS club kept their spirits up while pregnant with journaling, preparing baby books, decorating nurseries and indulging in favorite foods.

Finally, twin mom Nadine Morales of Omaha, Neb., attests that her positive attitude worked wonders with her psyche. “I felt terrific about my belly – the bigger the better. I had two babies growing inside me!” she says.

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Comfort is Important

Florence claims her worst pregnancy discomfort, and the biggest complaint of the soon-to-be twin moms in her practice, is ankle swelling or “elephant legs.” She says the only thing that helps is elevating the legs above the head.

To reduce leg swelling while expecting twins, Vivian Reid of Englewood, Colo., propped her legs up on her trash can at work. And she’d lie down on her couch at home and prop her legs up on the top of the couch.

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Another big complaint among expectant twin moms is indigestion. “While carrying my twins, I loved spicy food, but I had to go on a bland, bland diet. Many expectant moms can take an over-the-counter anti-acid, but first consult your obstetrician,” Florence says. Milk can also help indigestion. Milk is good for the baby, and it neutralizes acid. “There’s really nothing else you can do until the baby drops because the top baby is pushing on your stomach,” she says.

Unfortunately, many moms end up on bed rest, which means it’s hard to get up and take care of newborns after delivery. “Moms on strict bed rest can ask their doctor for a physical therapy consult. A therapist can come to their home and give exercises to do, but most doctors won’t OK much besides stretching,” Florence says.

Do The Right Things

While pregnant with my twins, I treated myself to several massages. The bigger my belly grew, the better it felt to relax and let someone pamper me for an hour.

“In any pregnancy, and especially a twin pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes extreme structural changes in a short period of time. Massage can help by soothing aching muscles, releasing tension, improving mood and leveling out glandular secretions,” says Rose W., an expert. “It also prepares the body for delivery with a conditioning response – massage teaches the body to relax to touch.”

Rose adjusts her technique for pregnancy, providing a gentle, tension-relieving massage. “During the third trimester I like to use a side-lying posture with a body pillow to support the belly that the woman gets to hug,” she says.

Prior to booking a pregnancy massage, Rose cautions women to make sure a therapist has knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of pregnancy in order to avoid contraindicated work. “Expect a knowledgeable therapist to ask questions about your pregnancy and to get a medical history in order to choose the right massage,” she says.

A Happy End

Even though a multiple pregnancy is complex, twin moms agree that it’s nothing in comparison to caring for twin newborns. You can expect sweet, tender times in between lusty crying and round-the-clock feedings that leave little sleep for mom.

In addition to procuring much-needed help, massage can also help lift mind and spirit after delivery. “Massage in the weeks and months after delivery can relieve postpartum depression, help the body heal and relieve stress and tension,” says Rose. So don’t forget that besides caring for twin infants, you also need to care for yourself.

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