Things to do in the Stages of Teething in Babies

One of the issues that babies cry the most and mothers are most concerned about is the teething phase in babies. He/she scratches his teeth constantly and suffers. All these symptoms indicate that the baby’s teething period has started.

Usually teething period begins between 4 and 7 months. Early developing babies may start to teething from the 3rd month, while some babies may not be able to teething until one year of age. Often, lower front teeth is the first teeth of babies. This is followed by the upper front teeth. Children complete their milk teeth until the age of 3 years. Usually, around 6 years of age, milk teeth fall and permanent teeth begin to emerge.

Teething also causes many health problems. However, teething does not cause fever, diarrhea, colds, coughs or ear infections.


Teething can cause the following problems:


  • Excessive biting
  • Excessive saliva secretion
  • Irritability
  • Loss of appetite
Teething can cause the following problems - Things to do in the Stages of Teething in Babies
Teething can cause the following problems, stages of pregnancy

It is not possible to accelerate the process of teething. But you can make this process easier for your baby. My baby is teething, what should I do? If you ask this, we have prepared for you what you need to do.

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What can you do to comfort your baby in his/her teething period?

  •  Moisturizing creams can be applied to the rash on the baby’s face.
  •  You can give him/her cold foods. For example, fruit purees may sound appetizing for children.
  •  By giving more water and watery beverages, he/she can regain the water which he/she lost when he/she has diarrhea.
  •  You can give cold and hard fruits to relieve pain in gum.


You can spend a lot of sleepless nights in your baby’s teething period. But when you see his/her smiling with tiny teeth, you can believe that all your tiredness and insomnia will be gone. You should brush your baby’s teeth with a very soft toothbrush and fluoride free toothpaste.


Which months should I be careful for teething period?


On average, the first tooth appears at 6th and 7th months. However, while the first tooth may appear in the 3rd month, sometimes it may take longer than 12 months.

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