Unplanned Pregnancy – Symptoms and Effects

Unplanned pregnancy can be a devastating, surprising and potentially alarming development in your life, and thousands of people each year. It is important to understand potential signs and symptoms, ways to prevent them and potential options if it happens.


What is Unplanned Pregnancy?

Simply, an unplanned pregnancy is undesirable pregnancy. In the case of sexual intercourse, there is always a risk of pregnancy and aslo it is always possible if a woman does not enter menopause period.

Although you should take precautions to avoid pregnancy, if you are having sexual intercourse, you have the risk of accepting a child.

A common cause of unscheduled pregnancy is that a couple does not use birth control in any way.

In many cases, birth control methods fail for some reason. There are many tried and tested ways to prevent pregnancy, including the use of condoms, IUDs, and birth control pills, but they are not 100 percent effective.

Some of them may have prevention rates of up to 99%, but there is always the possibility that the condom breaks or the pill is unsuccessful. In these cases, unplanned pregnancy is often a big surprise because people rely on contraception.

Even some of the more permanent birth control tools, such as vasectomy, are not guaranteed 100% to prevent pregnancy.


How to Determine Unplanned Pregnancy?

There are many indications of an unplanned pregnancy such as appetite changes, nausea, vomiting, cramps, low back pain, mood swings, fatigue, and frequent urination.

While many of these symptoms can be explained by other factors, it is a good clue that if you experience any of these common pregnancy symptoms regularly, you may have an unplanned pregnancy.

Of course, the most exact method of determining an unplanned pregnancy is to verify that you are really pregnant. By applying a pregnancy test (urine test) or a more formal and accurate test (blood test) or by visiting a doctor for ultrasound examination you can determine if you are pregnant or not.


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