Use of Corset After Bith and Its Effects

Having a baby is the dream of women, it is the biggest desire of them. However, many changes in the pregnancy period of 9 months, physical, mental, emotional changes can be unusual and often worrying for the mother. Women take the maximum weight in the shortest period of their lives during pregnancy stages.

When this is the case, how these weight can be given after birth is a big curiosity among women. Although many women who give birth try diet regimens and exercises as much as possible, in the belly area remains a little fat mass. Here are many methods to prevent it and to return to the old shape as soon as possible. One of the most preferred ones is the use of corset after birth.


Corset to prevent belly sagging after pregnancy stages


After the birth the most beneficial method to keep abdomen, belly and actually the whole body in shape is to exercise regularly. Abdominal and all body exercises that need to be done after the birth will help to form the belly and body in a short time.


However, it is not expected that the use of corsets after delivery in contrast of the common belief will benefit the recovery of the abdomen, its shape and the melting of the belly. Because the problem here, due to the weight taken during pregnancy stages, the accumulation of fat in the belly and the strength of the abdominal muscles, loss of volume. When this is the case, the right solution of these two problems is to perform the correct abdominal muscle exercises regularly.


It is possible to have a better belly shape and a flat stomach, with these exercises being done without any disruption and preferring healthier, lower calorie foods. In this context, it is impossible to use the corset to dissolve the weight and fat accumulated in the abdomen during pregnancy stages.


Pay attention to the use of corsets!

No woman, especially a woman who has just given birth, should never wear a corset without consulting a doctor. If you are considering using a corset, it should not exceed a few hours in a day and should never be used at night. In this context, when choosing a corset, the corset should not be too tight and should be cotton. However, women with any hernia, spine problem, joint and muscle problems should never use corsets without consulting the orthopedics or neurosurgeon.

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