vitamin b pregnancy - Vitamin B in Pregnancy

Vitamin B in Pregnancy

During pregnancy stages, there is a baby who needs to feed in the womb, and the baby receives all his/her nutrition needs from her mother’s blood circulation through the placenta. In other words, in order to be fed the baby correctly, the mother should pay attention to her feeding.

Due to the rapid consumption of the baby, the stored vitamins end and the mother needs store the vitamins by taking them from outside. This is true for fat-soluble vitamins, but vitamin B is a water-soluble vitamin so, this makes it very limited in storage.

Vitamin B in pregnancy are very important because, the B vitamins only stored in the cells are depleted in a short time and since there are exactly 8 kinds of vitamin B, they must all be stored. Deficiencies of these vitamins in babies of mothers who do not regularly take B vitamins frequently come up. Also, in order to get information about other vitamins in pregnancy read our article named vitamin supplements during pregancny stages.


Vitamin B Deficiency in Pregnancy

During pregnancy stages especially vitamin B12 deficiency is felt. Other vitamins are not used very often so, even if their levels decrease, their effects are not as much as vitamin B.

Anemia in vitamin B deficiencies, especially in B12 deficiency, can lead to early loss of the baby, while it can lead to impairment of the mother’s nervous system. Because of the lack of vitamin B, the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood cells decreases, and this poses a risk for both mother and baby.

Particularly in vegetarians, B12 deficiency is a serious risk because none of the herbal foods contain vitamin B12. While those who are only fed with herbal products usually try to take the vitamin B12 through the pills, we do not recommend taking vitamin pills during pregnancy stages, without consulting to your doctor. If you want to know more about vegetarian nutrition during pregnancy, please read our article named vegetarian nutrition in pregnancy


How To Get Vitamin B During Pregnancy?


Vitamin B1: Whole grains such as corn, red lentils, dried beans, chickpeas, pistachios, peanuts, nuts.

Vitamin B2: Milk, yoghurt, cheese, eggs, meat products.

Vitamin B3: Eggs, chicken, turkey, fish and other seafood, yeast, mushrooms, nuts, animal products such as milk.

Vitamin B12: Red meat, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy products and cheese.

vitamin b pregnancy2 - Vitamin B in Pregnancy
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Folic acid, which was previously evaluated in group B vitamins and then removed from this group, is a substance that should be taken during pregnancy stages. Also, to learn about the use of folic acid before pregnancy check our post : Folic acid intake before pregnancy.

Mothers who want to take folic acid should especially eat green leafy vegetables and their diets also include legumes such as kidney beans and lentils.


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