Benefits of Vitamin C in Pregnancy Stages - Vitamin C in Pregnancy

Vitamin C in Pregnancy

It is perhaps the group of vitamins that we think of most during the day. Vitamin C, which found most in winter fruits, is also very important in pregnancy. Because this vitamin group is known as the best friend of the immune system.

It is a water soluble food that your body cannot store. Fresh vitamin C sources are needed to balance fetal growth and development during pregnancy stages. Now, let us explore this miraculous source of vitamins, which you should not neglect its consumption during your entire pregnancy, and lets take a useful step for a healthy pregnancy period.


Benefits of Vitamin C in Pregnancy Stages

Vitamin C consumption maintains its importance during pregnancy stages. Enables cells to stay healthy by strengthening them. Vitamin C deficiency can cause some diseases in both mother and baby. Therefore vitamin C is also important for vitamin supplements during pregnancy stages

  • Vitamin C strengthens immunity. Since it is an important antioxidant, it helps to protect against infections.
  • Vitamin C helps prevent pregnancy poisoning.
  • Ascorbic acid contained in Vitamin C is important for the ideal development of the baby in the womb. Helps the formation of the baby’s tissues, strengthens the blood vessels of the placenta.
  • It helps to have healthy skin.
  • Digestive system disorders are common in pregnancy stages. Vitamin C allows the digestive system to function effectively and by this it prevents constipation and swelling.
  • It facilitates the body to get iron from foods. Thus, it protects both the mother and the baby from anemia.
  • Vitamin C prevents gingival inflammation and thus reduces subcutaneous bleeding.
  • Vitamin C helps you cope with varicose veins because it prevents cholesterol accumulation and eliminates toxic substances



Foods containing vitamin C

Fruits: Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and mandarins, as well as fruits such as apples, apricots, dates, peaches and strawberries. These fruits can be consumed fresh according to the season.

Vegetables: Tomato, beet, pepper, broccoli, fresh potatoes are good sources of vitamin C. Cabbage is a high source of vitamin C.

Green leaves: Parsley and spinach are excellent sources of vitamin C.

Animal Foods: Both meat and fish contain as much ascorbic acid to meet your daily needs.


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