Vitamin D in Pregnancy

Vitamin D in Pregnancy

Vitamin D is very important for a healthy pregnancy diet. Balances your calcium and phosphate values ​​and supports your baby’s bone development. In recent studies, brain development and contribution to the immune system are also added the benefits of vitamin D.

In the case of vitamin D deficiency, your baby’s bones, immune system and development may not reach a sufficient level. It may even cause your baby’s health problems in some cases. Not only for babies, but also for pregnant women, vitamin D has a big importance. When these vitamins are taken enough, fatigue, tooth breakage and back, muscle and joint pains can be prevented. In this way, it is possible to have a more comfortable pregnancy stages.

How to Get Vitamin D?

The mother’s vitamin D deficiency can cause bone diseases and softening of the baby’s bones. Because vitamin D consumed during pregnancy stages helps the bone development in the first months of your baby. It is always very important for both mother and baby, but especially in the last 3 months mothers should pay more attention to the importance of this vitamin.

So, how is the need for these vitamins met?

As it is known, the sun’s rays are very generous about it. Vitamin D is most efficiently taken by the the sun’s rays reaching the skin. The hiking after suntan cream is very important for your need for vitamins and pregnancy. If this is not possible, your doctor’s recommended vitamin D supplements or foods containing this vitamin will help you.

Foods containing vitamin D

Many of the foods we all love include vitamin D. Among the foods that contain vitamin D are the most effective auxiliary is seafood after the sun: Mackerel, anchovies, salmon, oysters, etc. The seafood is quite rich in this respect. But the amount of fish consumption should be considered. It is an ideal method to limit the consumption of fish to 2 portions per week due to toxins.

Other nutrients can also help you meet your Vitamin D needs:

The Role of D Vitamins During Pregnancy  - Vitamin D in Pregnancy
The Role of D Vitamins During Pregnancy

Egg: B12 and protein-rich eggs, meets 4% of the daily vitamin D needs. Especially the yolk is very good in this regard.

Milk and Dairy Products: Milk, cheese, yogurt; should be consumed frequently during pregnancy stages. These nutrients are both calcium and vitamin D stores. You can meet 13% of your vitamin D needs by these nutrients.

Fungus: The vitamin D level in the mushrooms is too high to be underestimated. For this you can enrich the taste of your meals with mushrooms.

Potato: Although it is not as strong as in fish and dairy products and sun rays, potatoes also contain vitamin D. You can make mashed potatoes with milk and it can be a delicious lunch menu for you.

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