Ways to Predict The Baby’s Gender

Ways to Predict The Baby’s Gender

Except in special cases, the sex of the baby is determined by ultrasound control at the 14th and 15th weeks. By the 20th week, the gender information of the baby is finalized. Of course an ultrasound result is essential for a exact gender prediction. But in fact, the human body can give little clues about the sex of the baby. These symptoms have no medical basis and are based on the experience of those who already give birth in advance. They give you little ideas about determining the baby’s sex before ultrasound. In this way, you can reduce your excitement partially until the time of ultrasound. We have prepared for you the psychological and physical changes experienced by the mother and the ways of predicting the sex of the baby.


Developments in Pregnancy Stages

It is important how the pregnancy period progresses for baby gender prediction. The most common example of this is that the women who will have a boy are having comfortable pregnancy. In a baby boy pregnacy, symptoms such as nausea are less common. It is also a common thought that pregnant women with frequent nausea will give birth to a baby girl.

Ways to Predict The Baby’s Gender 1 - Ways to Predict The Baby’s Gender
Ways to Predict The Baby’s Gender

Belly Shape and Physical Changes

It is common to think that the baby will be a boy if the belly is pointy. The upper part of the abdomen is more evident in mothers who carry a boy.

According to this thought, if the belly is wide, the baby is likely to be a girl. It is also observed that women who carry a girl are gaining weight from the hip area during pregnancy. It is also common that they have excessive acne problems.


Baby’s Gender: Psychological Effects

The reactions of the mothers are common in gender estimation. Changes in the appearance of mothers who carry a girl can affect their psychology in a powerful way. It is estimated that girl mothers feel emotions more intense. On the other hand, boy mothers have a more comfortable attitude.


Baby’s Gender: Heart Beats

The baby’s heart rate during pregnancy is considered to give information about sex. It is said that the heart rate of baby girls is usually around 140. But, heart rate of baby boys is below 140.


Baby’s Gender: Food Craving

Another basis that is strong in predicting the sex of the baby is the form of craving. One of the most important supporter of the baby girl prediction is the continuous sweet craving of the mother. In this period, girl mothers need constant sweet supplementation. Foods that contain milk and sugar at the same time are among the favorite foods of them. Fondness to dairy products (especially cheese) is also considered as the herald of a baby girl. Continuous consumption of dough and similar foods is more often seen in such women.

For boy babies, the situation is just the opposite. It is predicted that pregnant women who constantly eat salty and sour foods will probably give birth to a baby boy. The favorite foods of boy mothers are sour apple, plum and pickles.