Nausea pregnant women - Ways to Reduce Nausea in Pregnancy

Ways to Reduce Nausea in Pregnancy

When Does Nausea Start During Pregnancy?

Nausea during pregnancy stages is a situation in which many pregnant women experienced. The cause of this nausea is the hormone HCG produced by the developing placenta. This hormone provides a healthier and comfortable pregnancy , but at the same time it opens the doors of nausea during pregnancy.

Stress, fatigue, low blood sugar, and vitamin B6 deprivation cause nausea also. Remember, you are pregnant and your body may react differently than ever before. Don’t worry, fortunately there are ways to solve nausea in pregnancy.

Ways to Reduce Nausea in Pregnancy - Ways to Reduce Nausea in Pregnancy
Ways to Reduce Nausea in Pregnancy, pregnancy stages

First 8 weeks!

First of all, most pregnant women may experience nausea, but the body may not react by vomiting. So even if you have nausea, sometimes you don’t have to vomit, because in fact, this nausea does not indicate the need for a real vomiting. The nausea that we mentioned starts to appear immediately after getting pregnant. This nausea are exacerbated at 6 and 8 weeks. During the first 8 week period, you must avoid food and other odors that will trigger your nausea, and you should eat less but frequently. Do not forget to consume fluid frequently to relieve nausea during pregnancy stages.


When will the nausea end during pregnancy?

The nausea that you feel severe or mild for 8 weeks will now end slowly. By the 12th and 14th weeks of pregnancy, you nausea will almost approach to the end. After 14 weeks, the nausea you’ve experienced for weeks will be replaced by a feeling of relief. Congratulations, you survived the nausea in pregnancy stages.


Pressure on the stomach

After 14 weeks, you may feel that your stomach is uncomfortable, even if you do not experience classic pregnancy nausea. This may cause you to think you’re back in the first days. Don’t worry, the pressure you feel in your stomach and mild pains don’t show that you’re back in those times. The amount of blood in your body increases starting from the 32nd week. With this increase in blood volume, your uterus may exert pressure on the diaphragm and stomach. This may cause stomach pains or nausea.