What are the Benefits of Zinc in Pregnancy - What are the Benefits of Zinc in Pregnancy?

What are the Benefits of Zinc in Pregnancy?

Although Zinc is a trace element, it has important functions for life.

It helps your body to transform fat, protein and carbohydrates, and helps your baby to be fed.

  • Zinc supports the body in cellular size. It plays a role in strengthening the immune system as well as in cell construction, division and protection. It also provides benefits in conceptual development, reproductive and bone health.
  • Most pre-pregnancy multivitamin contains high amounts of zinc, but it is more wiser to get zinc from food sources.
  • You can consume these foods to make sure you get enough zinc: Zinc supplemented cereal, red meat, veal and lamb, poultry; especially turkey, whole wheat bread, nuts, dairy products and eggs.

Zinc For Your Baby

Getting enough zinc has a positive effect on the baby’s intelligence development.

This conclusion was achieved in research conducted at 2 health centers in the UK and Bangladesh and it published in the medical journal Lancet.

During the research, the effect of zinc that mothers take during their pregnancy on 13 months old babies was examined. Babies of mothers who taken 30 milligrams of zinc per day during pregnancy were found to be more intelligent and more resistant to disease than control group. It was also revealed that zinc can increase the resistance against diseases in children born with low weight.

Zinc for an Easier Birth

Zinc is a must to have a healthy pregnancy process! A study shows that zinc deficiency, which is important in the development of the baby, is present in 70 percent of the expectant mothers. At the same time, zinc which effective in the timing and regular development of labor, facilitates delivery and reduces possible laceration.

With this, miscarriage and stillbirth can be seen in zinc deficiency. Zinc which needed heavily in the winter months, especially recommended for pregnant women who do not want to catch flu and colds.

Fatigue, loss of smell and taste sensation, thinning of nails and white spots on the nails, recurrent infections are symptoms of zinc deficiency. Only a doctor should decide on its deficiency and supplementation. Unnecessary zinc supplementation is as detrimental as its deficiency.

Always consult your doctor before starting zinc supplementation.



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