What are the Symptoms of Miscarriage

What are the Symptoms of Miscarriage?

Miscarriage is seen in the period between the onset of pregnancy and the first 20 weeks. Around 15% of pregnancies in the world result in miscarriages and about 80% of them occur before the 12th week.

Mild or severe hemorrhages are shown in the first place among the symptoms of discharge from the vagina called spotting, severe cramps, and miscarriage pain in the abdomen during pregnancy stages.

If you are experiencing discomfort outside the normal course of pregnancy, it is the most logical way to see your doctor without delay.

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Causes and symptoms of miscarriage during pregnancy stages

A fact fixed by statistics on miscarriage is that the rate of miscarriage increases as the woman progresses.

While the miscarriage rate in the 20s is between 12% and 15%, a 40 year old woman’s risk of miscarriage rises to 25%.

The abortions seen in the first 3 months are mostly due to chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus. This usually means that the egg or sperm has the wrong number of chromosomes. When the number of chromosomes is incorrect, the egg cannot maintain its normal development.

What are the Symptoms of Miscarriage 1 - What are the Symptoms of Miscarriage?
What are the Symptoms of Miscarriage

Infection, high gas or radiation exposure in the working environment, uterine disorders, hormonal problems, drinking and alcohol use, kidney diseases, immune system problems, uncontrolled diabetes, inadequate nutrition factors. These causes, which can be seen differently in every woman, may result in miscarriage in some pregnant women. Therefore, you should have taken your precautions in any case. You can check our article about nutrition in pregnancy stages how should a pregnancy diet be?

Although, these factors increase the risk of miscarriage, there is no clear answer to the exact cause of miscarriage.

Bleeding due to vaginal discharge or a wide range of bleeding between the severity is the first of the miscarriage symptoms.

It should not be forgotten here that in 1 out of 4 pregnant women, these bleeding or spotting is seen naturally.

This means that if you see stains or blood in your underwear during the first 3 months of pregnancy stages, this does not mean that you are definitely having miscarriage. In such a case, you should see your doctor immediately to make sure.