What Can Your Baby do Month by Month?

How will your baby develop for a 12 month period?

Month 1

  • The eye muscles begin to develop and he/she can clearly see up to 20 cm.
  • His/her personality begins to develop. His/her behavior on these days may give you a clue about your baby’s character.
  • 1 month baby, can distinguish the mother’s voice. Towards the end of the month, it slowly begins to react to other adult voices.

Month 2

  • The way of expressing feelings such as happiness or anger becomes evident.
  • The 2-month old baby knows his mother and father and can smile consciously. Taking him/her in your lap or talking to him/her calms him/her down.
  • Can laugh and can scream for joy.
  • Has the ability to lift the head where it lies.
  • He/she starts to grasp the objects with his/her hand.

Month 3

  • Can separate not just the mother but everyone.
  • He/she gets more used to life and starts crying less.
  • The 3 month old baby has the ability to separate people from each other.
  • Better controls the head and body.
  • His/her movement develops even more. He/she starts puting the objects to his/her mouth. Learns to use his/her hands, stretches for something.

Month 4

  • Usually a 4 month old baby is ready to take out his or her first tooth.
  • He/she notices the colors. Can focus on different distances and see all colors.
  • Hearing ability develops. He/she can feel safe and quiet when he/she hears a family member’s voice.
  • Can separate foreigners, can look at new faces carefully.

Month 5

  • The 5 month old baby can sit on his buttocks without any help and can hold his/her head upright.
  • Makes movements similar to crawling.
  • He/she starts to react when called by name.
  • Starts to gain weight more slowly.
What can your baby do month by month 2 - What Can Your Baby do Month by Month?
What can your baby do month by month, stages of pregnancy

Month 6

  • His/her hand skills have developed.
  • Even if he/she can’t speak yet, he/she can detect words like mother and no.
  • 6 month old baby can make movements that indicate that he/she wants to get up from where he/she is.
  • Can make voices in the mirror when he/she is starting to recognize himself.

Month 7

  • The ability to establish the balance during the development of 7 month baby developes.
  • 7 months old baby can start to move by taking support from his arms and can crawl on the floor.
  • Can refuse eating when he/she is fed.
  • Even if he/she cannot speak, he/she starts to learn the names of objects and when he/she hears the name of the object, he/she begins to look at it.
  • Your baby knows exactly which behaviors you don’t like.

Month 8

  • The 8 month old baby wonders and examines everything he/she sees.
  • He/she likes to try to climb small furniture, stairs and drawers.
  • Starts to choose the foods he/she loves.
  • Can move objects and lift falling objects without needing any help.

Month 9

  • He/she wants to walk but can’t do it alone. That’s why he/she wants your support.
  • Can move towards to a sound.
  • 9 months old baby, can use his/her gestures actively.


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Month 10

  • With your help he/she begins to take steps.
  • The 10 month old baby can make a sound for your interest and wait for you to play with him/her.
  • Reacts to the music by shaking or mumbling.
  • Can perform such acts as hand shaking and clapping.

Month 11

  • Can stand on his/her fingertips, even crouch and bend over.
  • Consciously places objects.
  • 11 months old baby, can take off his/her shoes and socks.
  • Easily mimics facial expressions and rhythmic sounds.

Month 12

  • He/she shows interest in you and your relatives.
  • His/her mood changes constantly.
  • He/she can remember things for a longer time.

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