What is Gestational Diabetes? How is it Treated?

In women who don’t have diabetes before pregnancy, the presence of gestational diabetes can be mentioned in the case of increased sugar levels during pregnancy .


What are the symptoms of diabetes during pregnancy stages?


These symptoms may not be seen in every expectant mother or the same symptoms may be the cause of other disorders. If it is suspected that there is a risk of gestational diabetes, you should consult a doctor. Your doctor may perform glucose loading and determine the treatment method according to the result.


Risks of gestational diabetes for the health of mother and baby


  • Premature birth
  • Miscarriage
  • Hypertension
  • Pregnancy poisoning,
  • The baby is born overweight (macrozomic) or born smaller than he/she should be.
  • Respiratory distress, low blood sugar, jaundice. If you want to learn more about jaundice you can check our article what is the newborn jaundice?


Treatment of gestational diabetes

  • A nutritional program is prepared under the supervision of a doctor and a dietitian.
  • The daily calorie intake, the rate of carbohydrates is adjusted and the consumption of sugary foods is restricted in the diet.
  • With the exercises recommended by the doctor (walking, swimming, etc.), it is tried to break the insulin resistance and keep the blood sugar level in balance.
  • In cases where these methods do not benefit, the diabetes can be controlled by giving insulin to the mother.
  • Gestational diabetes usually passes after birth and there is no need for treatment.
  • After the birth with some tests, the mother’s need for any treatment can be checked.


Who is at risk for diabetes during pregnancy stages?

  • Women with blood pressure problems
  • Women with body mass index over 25 ’, ie overweight ones.
  • Those who has close relatives who have had type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes.
  • Women who experienced gestational diabetes problems in previous pregnancies.
  • A woman who carries any of these risk factors should be tested for gestational diabetes immediately after getting pregnant.


Ways to prevent gestational diabetes

  • Ideal weight before pregnancy
  • Getting weight at ideal limits during pregnancy stages
  • To follow a proper diet and exercise program
  • Avoiding excessive sugar consumption
  • Reducing fat intake

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