What happens in case of delayed birth - What Happens in Case of Delayed Birth?

What Happens in Case of Delayed Birth?

You may have asked yourself the question: What happens in case of delayed birth? This is an important question, because delayed birth can bring along various risks to the baby. We have prepared for you what you need to know about delayed birth.


Delayed birth can be due to many reasons. It is normal to worry if you do not give birth at the date your doctor indicates. It is important to know the factors that may delay the birth of your child. You may not believe this, but delayed births are quite common.

Three out of 10 mothers give birth after the date the doctor determines. This depends on many factors.


Factors that may cause birth delay

The most common causes of delayed delivery are:


Wrong calculation

The menstrual cycle is exactly 28 days. This may cause errors when calculating the exact date of delivery.

First time pregnancy

Women who will become mothers for the first time are more likely to give birth after 40 weeks.

Women who have their first pregnancy need more time to get ready for birth. This is because the uterus needs preparation. Check our post for more detailed information about first time pregnancy : First Time Pregnancy: Important Symptoms


Stress and anxiety

Generally, women who listen to other mothers’ experiences may be afraid of giving birth. The feeling of stress and anxiety caused by this may lead to delayed birth. For this reason, it is recommended that mothers be relieved at the period of delivery.

What Happens in Case of Delayed Birth - What Happens in Case of Delayed Birth?
What Happens in Case of Delayed Birth


If you need to take progestin to avoid premature births or miscarriages, this may cause delayed birth. We also have mentioned about premature birth in the article Symptoms and Causes of Premature Birth.



What are the possible risks of delayed birth?

Some of the risks that may occur in case of delayed delivery include:


Increase in weight and size of the baby: This may cause problems by preventing the baby from settling properly in the pelvis. This situation may also require a caesarean section.


Reduction in amniotic fluid: This fluid overlies the fetus, and when it decreases, pressure is exerted on the umbilical cord. This causes damage on the placenta. As a result, there is a reduction in the supply of oxygen and nutrients vital to the baby.


Fetal distress: This occurs when the baby’s heart rate is not normal.

Fetal death: This is a rare condition, but its risks increase after the 42th week of pregnancy.


What should I do if the birth is delayed?

There are many complications that can occur when delivery is delayed. After 40 weeks, the doctor should check the fetus and the mother to make sure that everything is OK.


If you reached the 40th week of your pregnancy and there is still no sign that birth will take place soon, does that mean you will have a delayed birth?

Answer is no. The estimated date of birth may be incorrectly calculated.

The estimated date of birth is approximate. The good news is that most babies are born healthy, despite the risks that may arise when the date of birth is delayed.

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