4 weeks pregnant 2 - What happens in the 4th week of pregnancy?

What happens in the 4th week of pregnancy?

What happens in the 4th week of pregnancy?

This week is perhaps the most important week of pregnancy. Because the expectant mother is realizes that she is pregnant at this week.

This week, the first cell of the baby (Zigot) occurs. The zygote starts dividing rapidly.

For example, 2 cells, 4 cells, 8 cells and 16 cells and continue to divide. The journey after the division leads the divided zygote (embryo) into the uterus.

When the embryo reaches the inner part of the uterus, it tries to find the perfect place for itself. It settles there earlier this week. Usually the perfect place is the upper part of the uterus posterior wall.

When the settlement occurs you can see a bleeding in the form of spotting, do not panic. This is called implantation bleeding. This bleeding may occur between the 3rd and 7th days. The cause of the bleeding is that the embryo crashes into the capillaries during the placement.

In normal cases, your menstrual bleeding is at the 4th week. If you want to get pregnant, you hope not to see bleeding this week. You may say “I wonder if I’m pregnant?”. There are ways to resolve your doubts! A pregnancy can be diagnosed at 4 weeks by looking at certain hormones in the blood. However, this test is performed by taking blood. Urinary tests are easier, but after a delay in menstrual period, they start to give a correct result.

At the end of this week you may experience various discomforts as you do not have menstruation. You can start to feel fatigue, fullness in the breasts, desire to sleep, low back pain and mental changes even in this period. If you don’t feel any change, I suggest you wait.

We have answered the frequently asked questions about the 4th week of pregnancy. You can learn about pregnancy stages and get week by week pregnancy information in our site.

4 weeks pregnant - What happens in the 4th week of pregnancy?
4 weeks pregnant, pregnancy stages ”4 week ”

Does abdominal swelling occur during 4 weeks of pregnancy?

Answer: No, it won’t!

Your pregnancy can not be noticed during this period. Because you haven’t gained weight yet. Your appearance didn’t change. If we consider that there is only a tiny seed in your uterus, we cannot expect your stomach to swell.

4 Weeks Pregnant 1 - What happens in the 4th week of pregnancy?
4 Weeks Pregnant

Can you have a nausea during the 4th week of pregnancy?

Answer: It may or may not be!

Almost 75% of pregnant women feel nausea during this week. Research shows that approximately 25% of pregnant women do not experience nausea and vomiting. So this is an ordinary thing, you don’t have to worry.

Is smoking harmful  for 4 weeks of pregnant?

Answer: Yes, it is harmful.

Cigarette smoke can reach the baby. Researches has shown that when this happens, the baby is exposed to more nicotine than the mother.

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