blood test - What is Blood Pregnancy Test?

What is Blood Pregnancy Test?

Blood Pregnancy Test, Beta HCG hormone, which is known as pregnancy hormone among the people who are suspected of pregnancy hormone is taken from the blood.

The presence or absence of pregnancy is determined by the beta HCG test. The beta HCG test is measured by the rise in the blood of a particular hormone that is secreted from the cells in the placenta where the baby is in the womb or even in the uterus. The hormone Beta HCG is responsible for the continuous production of the progesterone hormone. The role of progesterone hormone is to prevent miscarriage during pregnancy.

Since pregnancy hormones first and most definitely appear in the blood, pregnancy test results give the most accurate information. The value taken by Beta HCG measurement or analysis in the blood increases with the control from the moment the pregnancy starts.


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What should be the minimum value of Beta HCG for Pregnancy Detection in Blood?

The beta HCG value in the blood of a non-pregnant woman is between 0 and 10 mIU/ml. For people who are suspicious of pregnancy, the condition of pregnancy should be at least 5 or even 10 mIU/ml. In the early days of pregnancy, this value increases every two days and each measured value is twice as much as the previous value.

If each value measured in the blood does not increase twice as much as the previous one, then there is a doubt in pregnancy. This situation is mostly experienced in ectopic pregnancies. Because in the first measurements of the ectopic pregnancy, Beta HCG is high in the blood. But then there is no increase as expected. Nevertheless, although this value has been determined by the assay, it is necessary to wait for the pregnancy before the ultrasound is withdrawn and the gestational sac is precisely seen by the doctor.

Because sometimes the Beta HCG value is at the expected level and every two days as well as twice as high, ultrasound may not occur in cases of pregnancy pouches may occur. This again indicates the state of ectopic pregnancy. At that time, the presence of pregnancy in cases where both the beta HCG value in the blood and the appearance of the gestational sac in the ultrasound images occur.

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