Which Fruits Should I Give My Baby

Fruit pieces are an important food group for babies. This period is important in the process of transition from sucking to chewing.

The decisions of the appropriate choice, when to start and how to start should be given for each child at doctor observation. 1 portion of fruit is recommended in the daily menu for 6-12 months. Fruits can be consumed in the form of fruit puree or fruit juice. Between 1 and 6 years 2 portion,  after 6 years of age 3-4 portion of fruit can be consumed.

The first fruit in the baby’s nutrition should be simple, non-allergic, easy to digest fruits. It can be apple, peach or pear according to the season. It is important to start with fruits suitable for the season.

Fruit puree is preferably started at 10.00-10.30 as the morning lunch time.

Start with a well-washed, peeled and minced slice of fruit puree. The amount of slices will increase in days. Roughly 4, 5 days after the baby can eat a medium-sized fruit. In case of problems in allergy and gastrointestinal system, consumption of fruit should be discontinued. The same fruit can be tried again after 1-2 months.

Sugar and molasses should not be added to fruit purees. Fruits can be given in yogurt in babies  who have difficulty eating fruits.


Which Fruit Affects Your Baby How?

Foods with high allergy potential such as strawberries, kiwi should not be given before the age of 1 year.

Mandarin and orange may cause burning and gas problems in the stomach. In babies with constipation problems, banana can increase the constipation and should not be consumed as much as possible. Fruits such as grapes, apricots and pears, which increase the bowel movements in babies with constipation, should be consumed directly rather than fruit juice shapes.


Attention to Fruit Juice!

Fruit juices can cause unbalance in sugar metabolism with a sudden rise in blood sugar and may increase dental caries, so it is recommended that children consume more fruit than fruit juice.



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