Why do Babies Scream ?

Why do Babies Scream ?

The screaming of babies causes panic in new parents. Babies express themselves by shouting or screaming until they are able to learn to speak and express themselves. Therefore, screaming may be observed in infants in health conditions such as a disease or toothache. However, the only reason babies cry out is not health problems. At the same time, babies can show reflexes like shouting and screaming because they start to recognize their own sounds.


What are the Causes of Screaming in Babies?

Generally speaking, this situations are frequently seen in the first 1-2 years period in babies who start to talk at the age of 1 year old. The main reasons for the screaming of babies are mentioned in this article.


What are the Causes of Screaming in Babies?
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Getting to Know Their Own Sounds

Babies need to shout and scream as they begin to recognize their own voices in the first 3-5 months. This condition is usually observed in newborn infants. On the other hand, the screaming states observed after the 5th and 6th months are mostly caused by other reasons.


Stages of Teething

One of the most painful periods of babies is the teething phase. In this stage, the reactions such as screaming, restlessness and shouting can be observed in the babies to expressed pain. However, the screaming of the baby is not a sufficient reason to understand that he/she is teething. The main symptoms of the teething phase are as follows;

  • Sleep disorders,
  • Light fire,
  • Low grade fever,
  • Anorexia,
  • Increased amount of saliva in the mouth,
  • Restlessness feeling, screaming and shouting

Infants may have high fever during the teething process. If the infant has more than 37 degrees of fever at this stage, consult a specialist doctor immediately.


After the first 5 months, babies can shout to show boredom or stress. Especially in babies who notice that they are alone in the room when they awake from sleep, screaming and shouting can be observed caused by stress.


The need to show the health problem or the pain

Since babies cannot express themselves by talking yet, they show their pain or any health problem (such as a cold) by crying and shouting. The pain of the baby’s hands and feet, the pain of the teeth or high fever may be the reason for his/her screaming. In order to determine the cause of the crying, it is useful to observe the baby for a while.


If your baby is 2-3 years of age, but constantly screaming and shouting, reasons for this reactions may be quite serious. In this situation you should to contact the health institution immediately.

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