Why do babies vomit?

Vomiting of babies is one of the cases that mothers frequently witness. This unexpected situation usually happens when the baby is fed. Babies can also vomit after breastfeeding. This can be a concern for the mother.


Vomiting in Babies : Is It Normal?

In fact, vomiting is normal in every baby. According to research on this subject, 80 percent of babies vomit at least once in the first three months. However, vomiting in babies may be considered in some cases as a sign of disease. The factors that determines if it is a disease or not is the severity, time and amount of vomiting.


Normal Vomiting


Vomiting usually occurs in the first months, shortly after feeding the baby. In older babies, milk or food mixed with air during feeding may rise up through the esophagus.

If you are experiencing a similar situation in your baby, it is useful to check your feeding pattern. Because malnutrition can cause your baby to vomit. For example, when you are breast feeding your baby swallowing, too slow or too fast suck, not to remove the gas, may cause vomiting.

Babies sometimes vomit when over-fed. Mothers can sometimes give more than they need for their baby to gain weight. This may end with the vomiting of baby.

There is no need to worry about this type of vomiting. As your baby grows up, vomiting will vanish completely.

Other causes of vomiting in babies
Other causes of vomiting in babies, pregnancy stages

Other causes of vomiting in babies

Another reason for vomiting may be reflux. The reflux which started in 3-10 days after the birth of the baby, is decreasing in the coming days.

Another cause of vomiting can be psychological. Disorder of the relationship between the mother and the baby, the mother’s tension and uneasiness, the lack of interest in the baby, may cause vomiting. The baby who feels the tension may present his reaction by vomiting.


What can you do while he/she is vomitting?


  • Do not give him/her solid foods until your baby’s vomiting is over.
  • After vomiting, clean the inside of the mouth from foreign objects. You can do this with your index finger.


To prevent him/her from vomiting.


With some precautions, you can prevent your baby from vomiting. What you can do for this is as follows:

  • Don’t feed your baby too much.
  • Do not try to feed baby while he/her cries. This causes more air to swallow.
  • You can remove your baby’s gas even before feeding. You don’t have to wait until after the meal.

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