Why Does The Newborn Baby Cry?

If your baby’s crying, he/she wants to tell you something. Well, what can he/she say?

When they are hungry, babies can cry and start to be frustrated. If your baby is a super calm baby, you can observe a different reaction. Nevertheless, remember that the method of expressing your baby’s hunger will often be in the form of crying.

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What makes your baby uncomfortable;

  • Wet or drenched cloth,
  • Gas and indigestion problems,
  • Feels too hot
  • He/She could wear creepy clothing.
  • He’s/She’s bored or scared.

Tired and sleepless!

If your baby is overly tired and sleepless, it can make him/her cry. A baby is expected to sleep for up to 16 hours a day. They cries and get frustrated when they can not get this sleep. In addition, exposure to excessive noise and visual stimuli can also cause crying.

In later stages, even screams can also be observed in babies. To learn its reasons check why do babies scream ?

Understanding newborn baby cries: What should I understand?

Once you’ve made sure your baby’s diaper is dry and clean, you can check if he/she is hungry. To do this, you may need to calm your baby first, let’s say.

Check body temperature!

Is your baby’s hands and feet cold? Looks sweaty and overwhelmed? After answering these questions, you can dress up or dress over your baby. It might even be a good idea to have a warm bath with your baby. So you’re not only calming her/him down, but you’ve brought joy to her/his place.

You can also try going out as a good alternative. Especially if you have a park near the house, a wooded road, it can be comforting not only for your baby but also for you.

Help him/her to hear relaxing sounds!

There are many voices exist called white noise that remind the baby of the mother’s womb. Vacuum cleaners, laundry and hair dryers are some of them! You can make them hear the sounds of these machines to relax.

You can also play sounds inspired by nature, such as calming music or sea compiled for babies. And it’s sure to be more pleasant than the sound of the vacuum cleaner for you!

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